This Season's Top 10 Gifts for Under $30

Nov 02 , 2018

Michelle Minthorn

This Season's Top 10 Gifts for Under $30

Every year, we rush to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list and most of the time, we either miss the mark or finally pay off the credit card in June. Does it really have to be this way? Can't we just find some cool, fun, useful or cute gifts that won't break the bank?

Here's the list of Top 10 Gifts Under $30 (most of them are under $15 - don't miss out) that are sure to make that special someone smile.

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1. The Turtle or Wave Anklet

This anklet has beach vibes written all over it. You pick whether you want the turtle or wave charm and there you have it. A great accessories for someone who loves living it up in flip flops or toes in the sand. GET IT TODAY!

2. The Wanderlust Necklace

Not all who wander are lost. What a perfect quote for the avid traveler, backpacker or digital nomad. GET IT TODAY!

3. Aluminum Luggage Tags

New and updated, these tags are not your run of the mill luggage tags. Not only cute and unique, they are tough and durable with privacy window for your name and address. Made with reinforced wire, that tag won't fall off from your suitcase. GET IT TODAY!

4. Pink Tinted Sunglasses

Super fashionable with translucent lenses, these sunglasses were some of the trendiest designs of the year. You can't go wrong! GET IT TODAY!

5. Cat Eye Sunglasses

11 different styles of the same super popular cat eye frame. Easily choose the frame and lens you want to purchase and ... repeat ;) GET IT TODAY!

6. LED Wooden Letter Lamp

Part night light and part super cute decoration, these LED letters are made of wood and can not only fit in any child's bedroom, they can totally spruce up an event's decor such as a wedding or birthday party. Initials anyone?? Love it! GET IT TODAY!

7. Fortnite 3D Lamp

Think this is only for kids? Think again! This awesome 3D Lamp glows beautifully in many colors and can even come with a remote. Many different styles to choose from. Fortnite, the game that is taking the entire world by storm, can now illuminate the manliest of caves. Trust me! GET IT TODAY!

8. Life Is Too Short Decal

There many decals available out there but this one is one of my favorite. I love the quote but also adore the design. One to add to the cart for sure. GET IT TODAY!

9. Silicone Fitness Ring

You don't ever want to pull a Jimmy Fallon and fall over with your wedding ring catching on the counter and almost losing a finger, right? These popular silicone rings are not only safe and will breakaway if 45lbs of pressure is applied, they are super trendy and, dare I say, fashionable. GET IT TODAY!

10. The Scratch Off World Map

I never thought I would enjoy this map but once i started scratching off my already visited countries, I couldn't stop. NOTICE - this map will make you want to travel more. You've been warned! GET IT TODAY!









There you have it. My top ten favorite gifts to give (and receive) for under $30. I love to discover new gift ideas and if you have one or two you'd like to share, please message me at or visit me on instagram.